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Aeroline Topomappers

Topography & Mapping - Highways

Topography & Mapping - Land
Setting Out & Layout
Final Report - Outputs
topographic surveys in chennai

The Report shall consist of Final Survey drawings, field book/level book, and all relevant details as part of the survey. Report shall be handed over to the Engineer in charge at site, approved and certified for work or to send the same to the Consultants office as advised by Engineer in charge at site.

Survey network diagram inclusive of control points and BM positions.

Final coordinate and elevation list.

Survey data in ASCII file in easting, nor thing and code.

3D CADD drawings of the survey as per layer, colors, font, font size and symbol Provided by the consultant.

The drawing shall contain details of village name,Approach roads and other landmark points, details of reference pillars and benchmark pillars.

Drawings in Tracings, Papers and ammonia sheets shall be provided on approval of drawings.

Longitudinal-sections and cross-sections shall be plotted and supplied as required.

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