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Aeroline Topomappers
Topography & Mapping - Highways
Topography & Mapping - Land
Setting Out & Layout
Final Report - Outputs
topographic surveys in chennai

Methodology of Survey – Setting out and Layout

» The Survey shall be carried out using high precision instruments such as Electronic Total Station.

» Location of proposed Road and Railway alignments, layouts and Industrial/Building Structures Shall be set out based on reference points/pillars already fixed during initial Topographical survey.

» The consultants after the design for the proposal shall provide us the points to be located Along with its coordinates or respective bearing and distance.

» Points to be located shall be staked out up to an accuracy of 1mm depending on the purpose.

» 3D Setting out shall also be carried our when the elevation is also to be considered while locating the points, for Bridges & Flyovers, Dams & Irrigation structures, Railway & MRTS.
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